Galatea Chamber Music Mentors 2022 - 2023

Galatea Chamber Music Mentors is a music school available to all ages, operating from September to July (Continue reading for details about the month of August, as well as dates we are closed). The year is divided into a trimester system: Fall, Spring, and Summer.

*August 2022 (lessons available 08/02-08/20)

*August 2022 New Wave Chamber Music Week: August 22nd - August 26th

*The month of August is designated for the New Wave Chamber Music Program, where all students are invited and encouraged to attend. Additional details will be made available to all parents and students via email. Lessons may be available for non-participating students during the first 3 weeks of August, depending on their Mentor’s availability.


(There will be no regular lessons during these dates, however, make-ups may be rescheduled during these dates if the student and Mentor are both in agreement)


All new students have to register. This will be done online on our website (galateachambermusic.com). There will be a $35 registration fee.


Every new student will have a no-charge 30-minute trial lesson. Lessons are conducted weekly and offered at either 60-minute, 45-minute, or 30-minute durations. Students are expected to arrive promptly to each lesson. Lessons will not be extended due to late arrival.

The regular school week is from Tuesday to Saturday. Those who choose to have their weekly lesson on Fridays and Saturdays: please know that these lessons are more subject to rescheduling because of performances, recitals, and concerts. Monday’s are not offered for recurring lessons due to frequent national holidays, however they may be used for make-ups.

Payments for private lessons are made monthly.

For each season, lesson prices are as listed below:

After your free trial lesson, you will receive the complete 2022-2023 Student Agreement. If you have any questions, please contact us at mentors@galateacm.com

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